They may wear sky blue instead of green hoops but the New South Wales Thunder could well emulate Celtic if they win theUnder 19 Womens final of the  National Futsal Championships.

The Thunder have a perfect record so far; played six, won six and will face their sister team NSW Lightning in the final this afternoon.

Along the way they have amassed a huge plus 20 goal difference and yesterday trounced Victoria 6-1 despite conceding first.

Despite their dominance Thunder coach Steven Peters said the job wasn’t done yet, citing the final as the team’s ultimate prize.

“Obviously the main aim is Friday, always is,” Peters said.

“We’re fortunate that we’re in a position where we’ve been unbeaten this week but it doesn’t change our goal for tomorrow. Lightning is in a similar position where for them it’s also just about tomorrow.”

It won’t be the first time these two teams have clashed with Thunder having already defeated them twice in the tournament’s preliminary rounds.

“We won the first game 2-1 and the second 1-nil so they’ve been very tight,” Stevens said.

With the majority of players in the Thunder squad being older than their Lightning counterparts, the closeness of the games points to two evenly matched teams.

Peters says that’s largely down to the healthy rivalry that’s developed between the two camps.

“So you basically have Thunder and Lightning in each age group and how it works is the older girls get put into the Thunder and the youngers girls into the Lightning,” he said.

“Obviously there’s a lot of internal rivalry between the girls, healthy rivalry so they’re always tight games.

“You’ve even got girls there that are from the same clubs so it’ll definitely be a close one.”

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