Football SA cruised to victory after defeating Football NSW Country 7-0 in the U13 Girls competition of the 2020 FFA National Futsal Championships.

SA started the half with an offensive mindset as they took multiple shots at the goal from Kayla Wright and Paris Needs.

NSW’s Grace Holaj was excellent in goals, denying and saving multiple early shots but she could do nothing to stop Wright opening the scoring for SA.

Not long after, Bayley Hancock converted off SA’s nonstop offensive pressure, scoring a goal that would give SA a comfortable 2-0 lead.

Wright continued to control the match, scoring off a spectacular spin move that burst through Holaj’s hands into the net.

Sophie Betterman added to the 4-0 scoresheet as SA continued to control the pace of the game.

SA started the second half with the same mindset of the first, as Miley Grigg scored with a strike that hit the post and went in.

Hancock continued to be a pest on offence with her shot just scraping under keeper Mischa Northeast’s legs to give SA a 6-0 lead.

NSW had their opportunities to score but were unable to convert off, with the best chance falling to Isabella Prestons.

Maree Pourniotis played her part in SA’s dominance, as her shot glided just past Northeast making the game 7-0.

NSW saw their best opportunity to score from Alethea Levy who was unable to give NSW their first goal as the game came to a close.