Football Victoria has claimed the U13 Boys title in heartstopping penalties win over Football NSW Metro Thunder.

It would be NSW that would come out the blocks firing, with Andre Rizgalla opening the scoring inside the first minute with a well-placed shot into the back of the net.

Despite their slow start, Victoria grew into the game and created their own chances. It wouldn’t take them too long to equalise as Lucas Green pulled one back, slotting the ball past George Frousalias.

The scores wouldn’t be level for long as the Thunder captain Tiago Quintal tapping the ball into the back of the net.

Thunder would be in again straight after as Levi Martins struck the ball well to pull his side even further ahead.

NSW looked to be heading into the break with a two-goal lead, their keeper Frousalias having an outstanding game to deny Victoria on multiple occasions. He couldn’t keep them out forever though, as Victoria pulled one back just before the break.

With his initial shot being denied, captain Marc Petheriotis pounced on the rebound to bring Victoria within one goal of the Thunder.

It was a tense second half as Victoria looked to equalise and NSW were trying to push further ahead. The action was end to end as both sides looked for the goal that would change the nature of the game.

It was Victoria who would get the crucial goal as Captain Petheriotis stepped up once again, blasting the ball into the back of the net.

Minutes later and Victoria went ahead for the first time in the entertaining clash as Alexander Ditommaso blasting into the back of the net to send the crowd into raptures.

With only three minutes left in the game, it was the NSW captain to step up and give his side a fighting chance, receiving the ball off a corner, Quintal smacked the ball from range and straight into the back of the net to set up a grandstand finish.

It was an enthralling finish to the half as Petheriotis looked to be through on goal but sent his shot wide, as both sides went into extra time.

As was the case with regular time, extra time was full of tense end to ed action as both sides looked for what would likely be the winning goal.

It was NSW that would take the lead, Rizgalla grabbing his second to give his side the lead with only a few minutes remaining.

With only one-minute remaining Petheriotis stepped up once again for his side to send the game to a penalty shootout.

Victoria started the shootout strong, Lucas Green blasting home the first spot kick. NSW would follow and both sides scored their first two attempts.

It came down to Victoria Captain Petheriotis, blasting home his attempt to give his side the upper hand. Quintal stepped up to the spot for NSW but saw his attempt saved by the Victoria Keeper, confirming the result as a stunning win for the Victorians.

After his incredible performance, Marc Petheriotis was given the MVP award.